Salma Hayek’s Beauty Secret Might Surprise You

Salma Hayek is revealing her old school secret to healthy and hydrated skin.

The Mexican actress recently launched Blend it Yourself, a line of edible facials made from fruit and vegetable smoothies, in collaboration with smoothie company Juice Generation. Hayek is now revealing that the inspiration behind this innovative idea is actually one of her best-kept beauty secrets: her grandmother.

The 50-year-old admitted that her grandmother would make DIY facial masks with the food leftover from breakfast. “My grandmother was into natural ingredients,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. She was like a witch doctor, a cosmetologist. We’d be having breakfast, and she would take the leftovers — papaya, yogurt, honey, nuts — and blend them all together, then she’d start putting them on her face.”

Hayek also revealed that she thought her grandmother’s at-home beauty routine was normal but once she grew older, she realized it was actually unusual saying, “I grew up like that, and as I got older, I realized that wasn’t normal. I thought everyone just took the leftovers and made a mask!”

And the Beatriz at Dinner star has found the products to be very helpful when she needs it the most. “I have a lot of problems with swelling because I travel a lot. When I apply the smoothie on my face, it calms irritation and continues to work after I take it off — you can instantly feel the smoothness, texture, and tightening.”

Blend it Yourself (BIY) is available now on blendityourself.com. Subscriptions start at $54 for six cups and get less expensive the more you buy.

from PEOPLE.com http://ift.tt/2toxA5F


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