Val Chmerkovskiy Tells Peta Murgatroyd She Made His Brother ‘a Man’ in Sweet Speech — & Reveals He Cuddles Maks!


Val Chmerkovskiy was one beaming little brother at Maksim‘s wedding to Peta Murgatroyd on July 8.

On Sunday night, the Dancing with the Stars pro shared a series of tweets sharing his speech to the parents of 6-month-old baby Shai during their lavish nuptials in Long Island, New York.

After faux-braggadociously running down a list of his own accomplishments, Val, told guests, “I was many titles in my life and some were more dear to man than others. Being a son to the greatest parents of all … is up there with hopefully being a decent friend to some,” he shared. “My newly acquired title of being an uncle … boy was this a special one … life-changing … it even made my Instagram bio.”

He continued, “But out of all these titles, the one that has weighed the most presence on my life, the one that is tied to pretty much every important moment I’ve ever experienced (including the ones I just named), the one I’m most unapologetically proud of … is Maks’ little brother.”

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Val, 31, reminisced on his and Maks’, 37, times growing up as dancers and as brothers, saying, “We worked together … sharing the stage at Russian restaurants on Brighton as teenagers,” he said. “We lived and slept together … sharing everything from conversations to bunk beds to the adult magazines we used to hide underneath them.”

“From the little apartment in Odessa to the even smaller apartments in New York, we shared it all …. I never felt poor, I never felt small, I never felt unhappy with by my side,” he said. “Being your brother has by far been the greatest gift the world has ever given me. I am so grateful.”

Said Val, “It’s hard to explain to people our bond … why my sense of loyalty and to you is the way it is. Why as grown men we still cuddle … yes, we cuddle sometimes when Peta’s not looking,” he quipped. “I love you, bro, and it is absolutely incredible for me to see someone next to you that loves you even MORE than I do.”

To his new sister-in-law, 31, Val declared, “I love you, girl. I love you more than you love the E! channel and Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I couldn’t have imagined my brother sharing the rest of his life with anyone else. You have given him a greater purpose, a greater focus. You truly made him into a man.”

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He added, “Looking at you now, as man and wife, I can confidently say you both have found true love. I wish the two of you a life of , respect health and happiness. I hope you two continue to inspire each other, continue to grow together and continue to be the incredible parents that you are.”

He concluded, “To a few more kids, a lot more smile and a lifetime of memories …. I love you both dearly!”

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