Krysten Ritter: Jessica Jones Is a ‘Refreshing Female Image’ & ‘a Character We’ve Been Waiting for’

Jessica Jones fights crime in Hell’s Kitchen — but actress Krysten Ritter believes her character crusades for well-rounded, fully realized female roles in Hollywood.

Starring as the Marvel vigilante in both Netflix’s Jessica Jones and The Defenders, Ritter says she appreciates playing a woman who controls her narrative.

PEOPLE sat down with the actress at Saks Fifth Avenue’s 10022-SHOES 10th birthday celebration on Aug. 17 in N.Y.C. to discuss her complicated character.

“She’s a badass woman and a character we’ve been waiting for, one that I hadn’t seen as a little girl growing up,” Ritter, 35, tells PEOPLE of portraying Jones in The Defenders (streaming now) and Jessica Jones (season 2 is filming now).

“I think it’s just such a way to move narratives forward for women, to see this really flawed character,” she says. “Everybody is flawed! And I think that’s why people like her.”

Adds Ritter: “She deals with real, relatable issues that we all see ourselves in. And I love that she is down and dirty: She’s not trying to get a guy, she’s not trying to look pretty, she’s not trying to get anybody’s gaze on her — she’s just trying to get through the day. That’s a refreshing female image.”

But Ritter admits her work on Jessica Jones can get dark.

“You live in the headspace of a girl who has a lot of trauma in her life; if you stay in that dark headspace too long, you get the blues,” says the star, who decompresses on set with knitting — and other creative outlets. “I wear hot-orange sneakers, funny sunglasses, just things so I keep it light.”

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Texans Told to Evacuate Ahead of Hurricane Harvey as Massive Storm Approaches: ‘Don’t Take Any Chances’

Texas residents are being told to evacuate and take all necessary precautions as Hurricane Harvey is expected to touch down on Friday night, in the strongest hurricane to make landfall in the Texas Coastal Bend in nearly 50 years.

“I strongly urge all Texans to heed warnings from your local officials and I also urge that you immediately follow evacuation orders for all impacted counties — particularly in the Corpus Christi and Houston areas where the storm surges and flooding from Hurricane Harvey are most likely,” Gov. Greg Abott said in a statement.

Harvey, which is expected to touch down Friday night or early Saturday morning along the Texas Gulf Coast, is expected to bring up to 35 inches of rain, CNN reports. Flood waters and destructive waves could reach heights of up to 12 feet along the Texas coast.

The storm, currently Category 2, is expected to become a Category 3 hurricane by time it makes landfall with winds of more than 100 mph, CNN reports. As it strengthens, forecasters said Harvey will be the nation’s first Category 3 hurricane to make landfall in nearly 12 years, according to The Weather Channel.

Officials have labeled Harvey a “life-threatening storm” that will put millions of people in a “grave risk,” the Associated Press reports.

“Please take all necessary precautions to save your life and to minimize risks,” Gov. Abott added in the statement. “Don’t take any chances and evacuate when you are ordered.”

Now, local businesses in the storms path are shutting down and residents are clearing out grocery stores in preparation. Meanwhile, Corpus Christi’s Driscoll Children’s Hospital was airlifting 10 sick, premature babies from its neonatal intensive care unit to a hospital in Fort Worth, according to the AP.

The infants were expected to arrive at the hospital by early Friday and an official told the publication that hospital staff feared that power outages at the Corpus Christie hospital might disable the babies’ ventilators.

Daring Rescues in the Wake of Hurricane Matthew

Abott has requested that 700 National Guard members be activated for the storm and Ports of Corpus Christi and Galveston are closed, according to CNN.

Residents lined up during the week to catch buses to safer areas and roads were packed with backpack-carrying residents heading out of town.

“I’m shaking inside, but for them, I’m trying to be strong,” a Corpus Christi mother of two said, according to CNN.

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Kylie Jenner Bares Breasts for First ‘Super Nude’ Shoot

You may think you’ve seen every possible nook and cranny of every possible Kardashian or Jenner – after all, this is the family who brought you a butt on a pile of dirt, a cameltoe with a first name and infinite musings on whether one is having a “good boob day” or not. And you wouldn’t be alone if you thought you’d already seen about as much of Kylie as she’s got to share. Thanks to her varied swimsuit collection and general lack of self-consciousness, she’s displayed sideboob, underboob, underbutt and nearly every other combo of direction + body part that exists.

But she’s never gone fully “super nude” before, so you can now go into your weekend having checked this particular milestone off your “KarJenner To-Do List.” The cosmetics mogul, 20, bared her breasts for V Magazine in a variety of sheer styles, plus a flowing blonde wig and a lot of fantastical, disco glitter makeup. And yes, she’s fully aware of the significance of this moment. “That was actually my first super nude shoot. I always post sexy pictures, but have never really gone nude,” she told the magazine.

(No word on whether Kris was on set cheering, “You’re doing amazing, sweetie!” but you can watch a video from the shoot of Kylie getting her wind machine on while wearing avant-garde mouth jewelry here.)


The shoot was styled by Anna Trevelyan, who shared some more low-key shots from the day – as well as another completely bare pic if you’re adding to your scrapbook. Nick Knight took the photos, and writer Trey Taylor coaxed such quotes out of the star as “I don’t know what it’s like to not be in the spotlight. That’s normal to me. There’s nothing you can do about it. There are so many great things about life, I’m just trying to focus on that.”

For the non-blurred photos and full Kylie experience, visit V‘s website, and tell us: How are you feeling about all this excitement?

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Controversial Bodybuilder Rich Piana Has Died at 46 After Being Placed in Medically Induced Coma

Bodybuilder Rich Piana has died — just two weeks after being placed in a medically induced coma. He was 46.

The former Mr. California’s death was confirmed Friday morning in a Facebook post by his estranged wife Sara Piana.

“I’m in tears writing this that @1dayumay has just passed away,” Sara wrote. “I can barely believe this… I am so saddened & heartbroken that he didn’t make it.”

“I just want to say THANK YOU Rich for teaching me so much about life, whether it was the easy or the hard way,” she added. “We had our ups and downs but we sure had an awesome time in each other’s presence along with us fighting through some dark times together. You truly touched many people’s heart and helped so many!!! It inspired me in many ways to see the huge impact you had on people all over the world.”

She continued: “Rich, I hope you feel better now in heaven and that you’re up there healthy, smiling & telling everyone, ‘How it is, being REAL & doing your thing.’ Rest In Peace my dear husband.”

Piana collapsed in his home on Aug. 10 while getting a haircut from his girlfriend, Chanel Jansen, TMZ Sports reported. He was rushed to the hospital and placed in a medically induced coma.

On Aug. 17, Jansen shared a health update about Piana — saying that he was still alive and thanking fans for their support.

“The world wide outpouring to send Rich voicemails and messages to have played or read to him is overwhelming! We can’t thank you all enough for your continued support during this time,” she wrote. “The only update I’m permitted to give at this time is that he is alive, he is okay, and the excellent medical professionals here as well as myself and his close loved ones are doing all we can to get him back to a full recovery.”

The athlete had a 27-year history of admitted steroid use — once saying that it was necessary to juice if one was to become a professional bodybuilder.

“If you have the choice to stay natural or do steroids, stay natural. There’s no reason to do steroids, you’re only hurting your body, you’re hurting yourself,” he explained in an April 2016 YouTube video. “If you want to become a professional bodybuilder, guess what – you’re probably going to have to f——’ do ‘em. You’re not going to have a choice.”

A police report obtained by TMZ Sports at the time of his collapse said that 20 bottles of testosterone were found at his home.

While Piana was open about his drug use, he maintained that he was “not bragging” or encouraging steroid use to his 1.2 million Instagram followers — many of whom are young men. Instead, Piana claimed he used his platform to educate those on how to use the drugs “properly.”

“Is this a road I think you should take? Absolutely not. But in doing this for 25-years of taking anabolic steroids, obviously I know what the f— I’m doing,” he said in a December 2014 YouTube video. “Why do I have a full head of hair? Why do I have no acne scars? Why do I have a flat waist? Cause I know what the f— I’m doing. I’m not abusing this s—.”

“You need to be aware, educated, and willing to do whatever it takes to remain healthy and keep the body healthy. Remember this is longevity. We want to be doing this in our 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s,” he continued. “I’ll be doing this for the rest of my life. … It’s important for me to live a long life.”

He added: “Bodybuilding is not my main objective in life. It’s just something I do on the side. So I would never in a million years risk ruining my health or ruining my future do to bodybuilding.”


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